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When we began working towards opening a company in China, we wanted to ensure 3 things.

1. Our company will provide a DIRECT avenue for customers to buy     products from China.

2. We will have fun doing it.

3. We will give back.

Every day we identify our customers' needs.

Our customers around the world enjoy the benefits of buying from China while not having to establish a Chinese office. We deliver quality products for less, ensuring satisfaction for both sides.

An enjoyable office makes for an enjoyable day.

Our office, located in the heart of the vibrant French Concession of Shanghai offers up opportunities for all Dunn Global employees to take a picturesque stroll down the beautiful treed lanes and enjoy lunchtime meals from all over the world. The interior office has been newly renovated and our garden patio is perfect for working wirelessly on our laptops or just having a mid-day breather while staring at the Shanghai skyline.

Everyone can help.

Giving back is something Dunn Global knows is important. In fact, we invite all of our clients to join us on our next volunteer activity in Shanghai. Email us at: giveback@dunnglobal.com.

While our days can be hectic, we try to remain true to the 3 ideals that this company was founded on. With a little luck and some hard work, Dunn Global looks to be your Chinese office for years to come.

Yours truly,
Jim Dunn, President

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“Dunn Global's Expertise and Experience has opened the Door to a WORLD of endless Opportunity.”

-John J. McCann, President
The Bolt Supply House Ltd.

“There is no disputing that China has emerged as a low-cost supplier to the construction industry. Procuring at least some material off-shore is paramount to success. Dunn Global has the network and know-how to get product to your door step for a lower cost than you are paying right now.”

-Tom Hendrickson, President
Sunsetter Capital

“Dunn Global has truly mastered the art of sourcing in China. Its about time we can buy out of China like we can buy locally.”

-Ivan Chan
Grand River Investments